Learn how the body works together as a whole—physically, emotionally and structurally, and how to:

  • Utilize CRA to bring wellness to yourself and your family.
  • Utilize CRA as a health professional to help your patients/clients
  • Educate and coach your family and others about wellness
  • Use nutrition to balance the body to it can heal itself.
  • Use essential oils for therapeutic purposes.
  • Support the body through the spine and other structures of the body
  • Supporting the Heart of a Caregiver

    Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. Empty. Physically exhausted. Emotionally drained. Your brain is tired, your heart hurts. Caregivers often sacrifice their own health to serve and love those who need consistent special care. These are family members taking care of a loved one; these are the front line health More > More >

  • Diabetes

    Sugar (glucose) in the blood is used as fuel for the brain, muscles and most other cells of the body. Constant stress – physical and emotional – and/or poor diet and lack of exercise can create a situation where the brain, heart and cells of the body need more fuel. When assisting those with diabetes, More > More >