“B.J. Palmer was my mentor.  He taught that a subluxation is like a jack on the bumper of a car with a flat tire.  You must fix the tire before removing the jack.”         ~Dr. Dick Versendaal


structures“Fixing the tire” is equivalent to finding and addressing the root cause of a health issue.  Dr. Dick Versendaal was a genius at understanding how the body worked together as a whole— one area supporting another. The root cause was not always the “obvious”.  Structural issues may be caused by physical trauma, emotions and/or toxins due to the environment, nutritional imbalances or other life stress.  It is understandable how physical trauma such as a fall or accident can injure or misalign the structures of the body.

These traumas, however, may also create a situation of “heart shock” causing the body’s structures to twist and turn and subluxate, move out of alignment, to support the heart.  Though the patient may heal structurally from the trauma, at times pain continues until the “heart shock” is addressed.  Emotional issues may also cause the body to suffer from recurring subluxations where the spine and other structures of the body move out of alignment as if to “hold up a broken heart”.  The lower spine, shoulders and hips are common areas of residual pain due to “stuck” emotions and/or heart shock.  Nutritional deficiencies may also cause structural issues as the body attempts to “hold up” a tired, nutritionally imbalanced body.

To uncover the root cause is to have a solid understanding how the body works together as a whole.  If one area is out of balance structurally, emotionally or nutritionally, another area will either work overtime or sacrifice to support the area of need.

Learn from Dr. Dick Versendaal about how falls and accidents can affect your heart and brain.