Share Your Stories and Experiences with CRA and the Workshops!

Cancelled Hip Surgery!
My husband has had significant hip pain for 1-1/2 years and was scheduled for a hip resurfacing surgery. We had tried many forms of conservative treatment. Dawn treated him with CRA for 3 days and by the end of the seminar all the hip pain had resolved. We were amazed! He has since cancelled his surgery and we continue with his CRA treatment at home.
Susan Fleuchaus, DC

The seminar was amazing!
This is the first technique I have learned where I can incorporate all my other techniques into it. Dawn has such passion and really makes everything simple to understand and I was able to implement on Monday morning.
Leslie Jacobi, DC

Finding the Highest Priority
Thank you, Dawn for the great seminar. I really appreciate that you are carrying on your father’s work and making it available to help heal sick people. After taking your seminar, I came back with a system that quickly allows me to evaluate the highest priority for patients and get to work. You and Don made it easy to Learn.  I’ll definitely tell my colleagues about CRA.
Patrick Giammarise, DC

My Patients Were Amazed With Their Health Experiences!
Dawn did a great job methodically teaching the advanced system and how to decide what the priority was for the patient.  Her knowledge coupled with her hands on approach allowed me to fill in the missing pieces in my knowledge of CRA and the use of the SRT technology.  I really liked having us go to the front of the room and write on the board to work through cases.  It really helped me to understand the multiple pathways to get to the correct approach.  I was able to take this back to my practice on Monday and work more effectively with my most difficult cases as they appeared that following week.  My patients were amazed at some of their healing experiences.  I have to also add that Dawn’s understanding and talent as a healer is amazing, she helped me with a chronic issue and showed me how to find the cause and support to heal it.  The symptoms I had were gone after she worked on me using the exact methodology she taught.  Dr. Versendaal would smile with delight at her class and me for doing the work.
Wendy Lanser, DC

Great Experience ~ I Will Be Back
Loved the small group and opportunity to ask questions with personal attention to details.  Great experience.  I will definitely be back for the Advanced workshop.
David Moss, DC

Dr Versendaal Alive and Well
I am writing to say that everyone was so wonderful at the CRA seminar.  I was touched on all levels by the experience.  Dr. V is alive and well in all of you good people.  May God bless you all!
Gloria Peterson, RN

Another powerful, educational and inspiring CRA experience!
Dawn emitted the same energy, exuberance and passion we’re accustomed to under Dr. V’s teaching. Impressive! Dr. V’s footsteps are shadowed by Dawn as she continues the CRA legacy. She has enriched the CRA technique by implementing protocols in a clear, simple and systematic method that can be reproduced Monday morning. Dawn’s implementing of Doc’s vast knowledge into an organized, repeatable step-by-step process of CRA concepts, combined with SRT proves she is a gifted teacher, communicator and ball of positive energy (just like her dad).

I am grateful for their friendship and for the seeds planted from those relationships. God has given us talents as healers and CRA is another powerful tool equipping us in that assignment. I encourage anyone to take the plunge in learning CRA or take a refresher. You and your patients will be better for it.
Dr. Chris Chicchetti, DC

“Amazing ~ Enthusiastic ~ Passionate!”
“This was an amazing seminar. Dawn and her team were organized, enthusiastic and very passionate, especially regarding CRA, a very thorough way to see what the body needs for optimal health.  I loved learning how I can help clients even more, the interaction with the other participants, and the amazing way Dawn taught. I am look forward to doing CRA!”
Barbara Bane, LMT

I loved the interactions and hands-on training.
Barb Dagesse, RPh

SRT Was the Missing Link
I absolutely LOVED the seminar. Incorporating the SRT technology the way you do is what was the missing link in the old CRA techniques. I loved how we got to go up in front and treat people as a class, I think that really allows people to learn the system. I truthfully believe this is the medicine of the future.  Watching people change in all aspects of their health after a couple treatments throughout the weekend was an amazing sight to see.
Charles Fagenholz, DC

Basic and Advanced In One Weekend
Dawn, you and Ann did a great job! So giving with your time and expertise. I loved that you treated everyone at the seminar. I thought the seminar had a good flow, I liked that we did the basic and advanced in one weekend, although long it was good for me who is a beginner. It was a great group of practitioners, very caring, helpful, loving. It is a testament of the people you are attracting to CRA. I liked that you sprinkled Dr. V’s videos in, great to see him in action.
Susan Fleuchaus, DC

Excited About Practicing Again!
I was very hesitant to take this seminar with minimal muscle testing experience. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this was taught and the information I will be able to use Monday morning with patients.  It’s refreshing to be excited about practicing again!
Alyssa Loney, DC

Easy To Learn and Understand
Dawn teaches the material in a simple manner that’s easy to learn and understand. She runs through the protocols over and over, explaining it in different ways insuring everyone has a good grasp on the material.  Thanks, Dawn!
Robin Niezgoda, DC