SRQ Overview

Why Use SRQ?

  • Incorporate nutrition and/or essential oils into your practice with ease.
  • Be the nutrition expert for your patients.
  • Track symptom reduction/elimination as an indicator of patient progress. Analyze and prioritize symptoms in order to create an individualized nutritional and structural management program that you can access immediately.
  • Retain the control to modify the patient management suggestions as you see fit.
  • The SRQ nutritional suggestions can be followed using a small, cost-effective inventory of only 10 nutritional products and 6 essential oils.
  • The SRQ is an online tool that your patients can use in the comfort of their own home or in your office.

Step 1: Document Patient Symptoms and Severity

The SRQ will capture your patient’s response to a comprehensive list of over 250 symptoms. This can be done from the comfort of your patients’ won home, your office, or any other place WiFi is available.

Step 2: Prioritize and Categorize Symptoms

This information will immediately and automatically be put through specific calculations to create a detailed Symptom and System Priority Report. You can save and /or print a pdf of this report. To encourage paperless documentation, this report can always be accessed online or saved to your patient’s electronic files.

While developing the SRQ, Dr. Dick Versendaal personally went through each of the symptoms and determined what he believed the most common “root cause” was for each symptom. This information is incorporated into the calculations that create the Symptom and system Priority Report.

Step 3: View Management Options

A chart of management options is given for each of the symptoms. These options were formulated from the wisdom and expertise of Dr. Versendaal. It includes, VerVita nutrition, essential oils, creams, cork heel lifts, CRA-flex orthotics from FootLevelers for structural support, as well as spinal recommendations.

Step 4: Create Management Plan

You are always in charge. From the options, you choose what you want to provide for your patients. From your choices the SRQ will create a Personalized Wellness Care Plan to give to each patient. This plan will provide patients with details of what they need to take, when and how much, and for how long. Additional recommendations can be added if you choose.

Why Use VerVita Products?

  • Cost Effective. VerVita has only 10 nutritional products and 6 essential oils that are used to balance all the systems of the body.
  • Minimal Inventory. With only these few products there is no wasted space, money or left over and expired inventory. Each product is recommended for support in many ways.
  • Brilliant Philosophy. The formulas were designed by Dr. Dick Versendaal, a bio-chemist and aroma therapist to nutritionally and energetically support the body as it works together as a whole. The focus is on the systems and their backup systems instead of a single nutrition for each symptom, organ, gland or structure.
  • Patient Results. VerVita Products are professional grade and free from milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat and soybeans. They are gluten free. Bottom line; patients get results.  Go to for more information and ordering.

Are you a Health Professional?

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Incorporate nutrition and/or essential oils into your practice with ease. The SRQ is an online tool that your patients can use in the comfort of their own home or in your office.