Attention Licensed Health Professionals with a 4+ year degree!
Join your peers and position yourself as the wellness expert.
Watch your referrals, patient results and income grow to new heights!

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I am excited to be able to offer you a fantastic training bundle
that will support you before, during and after the seminar.

What You’re Going To Get…

✔ CRA Seminar – Foundations & Advanced ($2850)

✔ Heart Sequence Webinar and Online Course ($585)

✔ Meals Provided ($150)

✔ 4 Group Coaching Sessions w/ Dawn Ranae Hoezee ($800)

Total Value: $4385

You Pay ONLY $1000

Tuition after September 13 – $2000

Keeping You Prepared: Before, During and After


Heart Sequence Webinar

The heart is the queen bee. We focus on making sure that the heart is in balance at all times. This heart webinar will assist you in preparing for this exact sequence that is taught at the seminar. It is a full two hours of training on the heart sequence.

The webinar will be sent to your email 4 weeks before the seminar, or if you register within the four week period, it will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours of when you registered.



You will not starve!

Friday, we provide you with lunch as well as morning/afternoon snacks. Saturday, we provide morning, afternoon AND evening snacks as well as supper. The whole weekend will also be filled with coffee and water.


4 Group Coaching Calls with Dawn Ranae Hoezee

Once the seminar is over, you go back to your patients and implement what you’ve just learned! Sometimes you run into road blocks and have a question.

Each week for 4 weeks, Dawn will host a group coaching call to reteach, clarify, answer questions and brainstorm solutions for 1 hour. This will be down along with your peers you meet at the seminar. You can email her your questions prior to the call or she will do her best to answer all questions during that time.

Attend ONE or BOTH Seminars in ONE Weekend!

CRA Foundations:
Basic Technique and Reflexes

Hands On Workshop:
Uncover the root of your patients’ symptoms and syndromes.

  • Practice the subtle energy testing technique
  • Test the Body using DD Palmer’s Wellness Triad
    (Emotions, Nutritional Chemistry, Structures)
  • Balance Structures including the feet.
  • Balance Emotions
  • Balance Nutritional Chemistry
  • Technique paired with VerVita nutrition and essential oils.

…AND CRA Advanced
Techniques &  Reflexes

Hands On Workshop
Digging deeper and adding the use of Clarus SRT technology.

  • Test Advanced Reflexes Specific to the Heart
  • Address root cause of yeast overgrowth, mold, lead and other toxicity.
  • Learn how and when to utilize various CRA sequences Dr. Versendaal developed over the years.
  • Organ Flushing Technique
  • Effectively use Clarus SRT Technology for Injuries and Chronic Conditions.
  • SRT Technology, Emotions and Essential Oils

Hear What These Health Professionals Have to Say About Their CRA Experience

When treating my patients, I always start with CRA.  It tells me what’s going on and WHEN to use other techniques. CRA is a stand-alone method that enhances the other techniques I use.
Dr. Charlie Fagenholz

The workshop sections were GREAT.  At many other seminars, when they break out for workshop sections, you’re left to your own devices which allows for tangents and/or testing something simply and being done.  The way you organized it was brilliant  -having smaller groups with a teacher present to offer guidance and pressure was exactly the right thing to do.  It kept us accountable and was a deeper challenge to get us thinking about the process than just remotely going through the motions.
Dr. Christy Matusiak, DC

At first I was nervous about taking the class, I tried to prepare in advance. I felt as if I wasn’t smart enough yet for the class or even to really learn CRA. But the seminar was amazing, Dawn and her team made me feel so welcomed.

Dawn along with Dr. Tracy & Dr. Jordan made CRA very simple to understand. Small Groups was a bit intimidating at first but I grew to enjoy them. This weekend was LIFE CHANGING! I loved everything about this weekend and you weren’t kidding when you said, “You will eat good this weekend”. The food was amazing.
Monica Limones

I have been told that I am a methodical thinker, so having a sequence is very attractive to me. Audience participation is very good, also. I learn best from observing others. So seeing the good and the challenges of others was very helpful. The occasional unplanned comedy added to the positive atmosphere. I also liked how the session started with nutrition.
Ken Nilda

The weekend was great. I love that the HEART is the center of CRA. I love the scoring system. Since I have an internal motivation to learn and do well with CRA, it is only a matter of time before I will be skilled with the process. I love the simplified number of nutritional and essential oil products.
Don Strasburger

It was a great weekend and I learned a ton. I had already watched some of the CRA videos prior to coming, but was really wanting to do some hands on work and get to practice CRA and that totally happened. The thing I loved about the weekend [is] the times when we would break up into small groups and practice the technique or sequence we had just learned because it allowed me to feel confident in my abilities.
Braden Beyer

I loved learning the new reflexes.  The heart seems tremendously undervalued in clinical practice and its nice to find a technique that actually addresses the heart and its significance.  The triad and urgent wellness are also extremely valuable tools that I have begun to implement already.
Dr. Brandon Daniels, DC

The weekend was phenomenal.  I have to admit, I was slightly intimidated after purchasing and viewing the DVDs, but the changes that you have made and the way that you presented it made it much more streamlined.  The hands on portion was great. Having an instructor available at all times was extremely helpful.
Dr. Lindsey Hattersley

I have been doing the head tip sequence for the last 6 years. The new sequence starting with the heart score then adding the triad and urgent wellness is brilliant. Knowing that you can do either the as much or as little as you are comfortable with is very helpful for newbies.
Dr. Leroy White

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