Contact Reflex Analysis: An Essential System for Holistic Health Professionals

Portrait of a chiropractor smiling at the camera

CRA Foundations….
Basic Technique and Reflexes

Hands On Workshop:
Uncover the root of your patients’ symptoms and syndromes.

  • Practice the subtle energy testing technique
  • Test the Body using DD Palmer’s Wellness Triad
    (Emotions, Nutritional Chemistry, Structures)
  • Balance Structures including the feet.
  • Balance Emotions
  • Balance Nutritional Chemistry
  • Technique paired with VerVita nutrition and essential oils.


Learn A Complete System.
Enhance Your Skills.
Expand Your Practice.

…AND CRA Advanced
Techniques &  Reflexes

Hands On Workshop
Digging deeper and adding the use of Clarus SRT technology.

  • Test Advanced Reflexes Specific to the Heart
  • Address root cause of yeast overgrowth, mold, lead and other toxicity.
  • Learn how and when to utilize various CRA sequences Dr. Versendaal developed over the years.
  • Organ Flushing Technique
  • Effectively use Clarus SRT Technology for Injuries and Chronic Conditions.
  • SRT Technology, Emotions and Essential Oils

With CRA scoring I know I’m helping my patients deal with the root of the problem, not just symptoms.
Dr. Tracy Morningstar, Big Rapids, MI

When treating my patients, I always start with CRA.  It tells me what’s going on and WHEN to use other techniques. CRA is a stand-alone method that enhances the other techniques I use.
Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, Costa Mesa, CA