Balanced Structures, Emotions and Nutritional Chemistry


I Am an Artist…

Are you able to paint a picture of wellness your patients get excited about? We want to make this happen together!

Dr. Dick Versendaal developed and taught Contact Reflex Analysis® for over 50 years. In a recent video he said, “I am an artist with my hands. I’m an artist with my mind, with the philosophy and the science I learned at Palmer [College of Chiropractic], with the insight I received through practicing Contact Reflex Analysis and from God’s gifts. When I look at the human body I see…” He saw his patients as beautiful works of art, created in colorful splendor.

Dr. Versendaal’s philosophy, wise teachings and passionate heart lives on. Learn the subtle energy technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, and uncover the root cause of your patient’s health issues, which includes structures, emotions, nutritional chemistry and environment. Bring these into balance and paint a picture of hope and healing for your patients.

CRA: The Art of Wellness Restoration

Undigested food, overwhelmed kidneys, stressed liver and gallbladder, tired spleen, chronic pain, emotional trauma, structural injuries, flat feet, etc.  With CRA the root cause of such symptoms and syndromes can be revealed.  Is the organ or structure itself the root of the problem, or is the organ or structure sacrificing and/or working overtime to support the heart?  The answer to this will determine what needs to be done first to allow the body to heal.

Dr. Versendaal taught that the heart is the “queen bee.” Organs and structures will twist and turn and even sacrifice to hold up the heart. This creates a domino effect of health issues.

The heart of CRA is in the growing community of CRA Health Professionals. They are proficient in the science of the body and how it works together as a whole. With this solid foundation they have become intuitive healers—wellness artists for their patients. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran CRA practitioner, we welcome you.

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Register for this exciting conference today! We look forward to teaching you the CRA technique and providing the tools that will enable you to help your patients and give them hope that “the best is yet to come”!

What You’ll Learn

  • Test the Heart using DD Palmer’s Wellness Triad (Emotions, Nutritional Chemistry, Structures)
  • Balance the Heart Emotions
  • Balance the Structures that Support the Heart
  • Identify and Support the Backup Systems to the Heart
  • Incorporate VerVita’s 10 Nutritional Products and 6 Essential Oils

Focus Group 1: CRA Foundations

         Hands On Training

  • The technique of subtle energy testing
  • Determine Root Cause of Dis-ease – Emotions, Nutritional Chemistry and Structures
  • The Heart Reflex – Circulatory, Neurological and Immune
  • The Feet: Backups to the Heart

Focus Group 2: CRA Advanced Techniques &  Reflexes

          Hands On Training

  • Test Advanced Reflexes Specific to the Heart
  • Learn how and when to utilize various CRA sequences Dr. Versendaal developed over the years.
  • Organ Flushing Technique
  • Effectively use Clarus SRT Technology for Injuries and Chronic Conditions.
  • SRT Technology, Emotions and Essential Oils

Note From Dawn: SAY YES!

Yes, you need to be at the next seminar. My dadWedding_Dad and Dawn, Dr. Versendaal, would say, “No excuses”. In a recent video I watched he said, “How do you expect to be a good doctor if you’re never in the office and never attending CRA seminars? No baseball games, no weddings, no birthday parties…no excuses!”   It made me laugh and be thankful that he did stop working long enough to walk me down the aisle at my wedding almost 30 years ago. Even there he had many of his patients in attendance as they had become “family”.

I can’t juggle your schedule for you, but I will say you will not regret attending a CRA seminar. At every seminar each teacher pours his or her heart and energy into both training and serving those in attendance. We not only offer exceptional training, we treat you like family…a CRA family. Read what others have to say, make your decision, and I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Dawn Hoezee, MA, DCRC
Daughter of Dr. Dick Versendaal
CRA health professional and coach

I absolutely LOVED the seminar. Incorporating the SRT technology the way you do is what was the missing link in the old CRA techniques. I loved how we got to go up in front and treat people as a class, I think that really allows people to learn the system. I truthfully believe this is the medicine of the future. Watching people change in all aspects of their health after a couple treatments throughout the weekend was an amazing sight to see.              Charles Fagenholz, DC

I am writing to say that everyone was so wonderful at the CRA seminar. Dr. Judith has saved my life, and it is painful to not have the means to adequately thank her… and you all. I was touched on all levels by the experience. Dr. V is alive and well in all of you good people. May God bless you all!          Gloria Peterson, RN

Thank you, Dawn for the great seminar. I really appreciate that you are carrying on your father’s work and making it available to help heal sick people. After taking your seminar, I came back with a system that quickly allows me to evaluate the highest priority for patients and get to work. You and Don made it easy to Learn. I’ll definitely tell my colleagues about CRA.                Patrick Giammarise, DC

Dawn did a great job methodically teaching the advanced system and how to decide what the priority was for the patient.  Her knowledge coupled with her hands on approach allowed me to fill in the missing pieces in my knowledge of CRA and the use of the SRT technology.  I really liked having us go to the front of the room and write on the board to work through cases. It really helped me to understand the multiple pathways to get to the correct approach. I was able to take this back to my practice on Monday and work more effectively with my most difficult cases as they appeared that following week.  My clients were amazed at some of their healing experiences.  I have to also add that Dawn’s understanding and talent as a healer is amazing, she helped me with a chronic issue and showed me how to find the cause and support to heal it.  The symptoms I had were gone after she worked on me using the exact methodology she taught.  Dr. Versendaal would smile with delight at her class and me for doing the work.                              Wendy Lanser, DC

I thought the room was the perfect setting. Walking into the theater lit room with music pumping..people connecting, laughing, hugging gave it an amazing positive energy before the first word was even spoken..It looked big. It felt big. The materials were slick and professional. The stage was set perfectly and now it was down to the presenters..and one by one, each one nailed it. Not only is CRA back, with this new seminar, dream team and protocol, CRA has just jumped to a whole new level. Dr. Versendaal is so proud of these people right now!           Tony M.

Chicago, IL - CRA Foundations

September 22-23, 2017
Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Hilton Garden Inn Chicago O’Hare
2930 South River Road
Des Plaines, IL  60018


  • Dawn Hoezee, MA, DCRC, Daughter of Dr. Dick Versendaal, CRA health professional and coach
  • Dr. Tracy Morningstar, DC, CRA health professional
  • Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, DC, CRA health professional

Tuition: $375
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $299  (through August 25)

Attend both Foundations and Advanced with the Early Bird Bundle: $598  (through August 25)

Chicago (DesPlaines), IL - Advanced CRA Workshop

Sept 23-24, 2017
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (supper included)
Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Hilton Garden Inn Chicago O’Hare
2930 South River Road
Des Plaines, IL  60018


  • Dawn Hoezee, MA, DCRC, Daughter of Dr. Dick Versendaal, CRA health professional and coach
  • Dr. Tracy Morningstar, DC, CRA health professional
  • Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, DC, CRA health professional

Tuition $375
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $299 (through August 25)

Attend Foundations and Advanced Workshops with Early Bird Bundle: $598 (through August 25)