March 1-2, 2019 in Long Beach, CA – CRA: A Premier Wellness System

TO REGISTER, CLICK THIS LINK: CRA in Long Beach, CA With Dr. Charlie Fagenholz

At this seminar, you will learn…
  •   Fast and efficient ways to get to the patient’s health priorities
  •  The ability to approach any patient with the confidence and tools needed to help them, especially who have been failed on time and time again
  •  How to improve the way you evaluate patients
  •  How to improve all of your patients’ results with techniques you already use
The seminar will be packed full with clinical pearls from a mix of Dr.  Dick Versendaal’s genius and Dr. Charlie’s application of them in clinical practice.

TO REGISTER, CLICK THIS LINK to Dr. Charlie’s CRA Seminar Page: CRA Seminar With Dr. Charlie Fagenholz