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Dr. Versendaal developed the formulas for VerVita Products. Tell me about that.

October 4th, 2014 by admin

The company’s name is VerVita Products, LLC.  In 2009 Dr. Versendaal began working with a biochemist to create a line of products for a company called VerVita Products.  The nutritional formulas were designed to support the body that was created to work as a whole; each system, organ, gland supporting another.   The body contains a sophisticated network of backup systems where if one system, organ, gland…is not functioning optimally, another will work as its backup to maintain homeostasis. A domino effect is created when one organ is out of balance, other backup systems will work overtime to support that organ or gland. Over a period of time this imbalance will affect the backup systems as well when they tire and “fall” like a domino. Symptoms and syndromes may be a result of the backup system failing so it is important to understand what the original cause was that created the imbalance. What was the first domino to fall?

In creating VerVita products it is our belief that it’s not the amount of single nutritional ingredients that is most important.  It’s the synergistic effect that occurs when you put even small amounts of high quality raw materials to work together in one formula.  The sum is greater than its individual parts.  It’s called synergy. VerVita’s high quality raw materials plus formulas that support the body as a whole creates a synergy that brings the body into balance so exponential healing and wellness can occur.

Each nutrition can be utilized alone or along with one of VerVita’s essential oils.  Create a synergy of healing for the body, mind, and spirit—nutritionally and energetically.

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