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Is subtle energy incorporated into a religious belief system?

October 4th, 2014 by admin

People throughout the ages have experienced the structure, organization, consistency and effects of creation. They have learned through experience what aspects are needed for survival; sun, moon, rain, plants, etc. They sensed the energy and rhythm of all things and adjusted their lives according to this rhythm. Those who grew crops were, and still are, very much in tune to the rhythm and balance of nature. This rhythm and balance of all things is necessary for an abundant harvest and a healthy life.

It was also discovered that healing would occur when this energy was balanced and flowing freely. Without knowing the Creator, they incorporated these things into their culture and belief system.

It is our belief that the sun, moon, stars, rain, as well as subtle energies of the universe are all unique and necessary parts of the creation that point directly to the Creator. We believe that it is our responsibility to carefully study and to utilize all aspects of creation in a way that honors the Creator and serves others.

Though subtle energy exists, not all energy techniques are viable and not all practitioners are reputable. Determining which of the many energy techniques and philosophies you will follow begins with your personal beliefs. You will most likely learn from and follow someone who most closely models your own outlook. It is the foundation for all your choices and behavior. When researching any healing modality, one should also look at the results achieved through the technique, and finally, gauge the integrity and motivation of the developer. Who or what is given the credit when healing occurs?

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