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How are the VerVita products that Dr. Versendaal formulated different from those from other companies?

October 4th, 2014 by admin

Choosing which essential oil or nutritional product to use can be very confusing, especially when there are literally thousands to choose from.   It takes a lot of time to educate oneself to know which is needed to achieve a desired effect.   People can end up with shelves cupboards filled with nutritional products each one for a different symptom or syndrome.

The development of VerVita products was based on scientific based evidence for nutrition and essential oils.   CRA testing sets VerVita Products apart as it has demonstrated and confirmed VerVita’s superior effectiveness. Simply put, the facts of the unseen energies of the body must be given unbiased, adequate recognition and acceptance as well.

One longstanding CRA doctor said, “We have the marvelous VerVita products today because of the undeniable evidence of the validity of CRA findings. A VerVita product will often prove to be a more effective choice than another company’s product. Therefore, the most effect product can be found through CRA testing.”

Dr. Versendaal intentionally kept the product line small in comparison to other nutritional companies.  Each and every product is unique, very effective and mighty due to the wisdom and brilliance of Dr. Versendaal. He was a genius at understanding how the body works together as a whole. Instead of having one product for one organ or one symptom, he focused on creating formulas to balance the energies of the body’s systems and backup systems as they work together.

VerVita’s essential oils and nutritional products start with the highest quality raw materials and are formulated to support the various systems of the body along with its backup systems.  A synergistic effect occurs when even small amounts of high quality raw materials work together in one formula.  The sum is greater than the individual parts creating a platform for healing and wellness.

With VerVita Products, the choices are clear.  People experience results.  Professional inventory is kept to a minimum, and costs are kept low.  Extra products are not left on the shelf waiting to be used.   Everyone benefits from VerVita’s high quality products.

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