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Have there been any legal issues that forced this decision to be made?

October 4th, 2014 by admin

No. There have been no legal issues to date. We value our integrity and are being proactive in serving and educating within legal boundaries. There are health professionals who desire to implement the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Versendaal to help their patients/clients.  We acknowledge, however, that not all state boards include certain aspects of what Dr. Versendaal teaches in the scope of practice for various professions. For example, not all professions may recommend nutrition.  Even though Dr. Versendaal was Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN), educated on the importance of nutrition for wellness and had over fifty years of experience in using nutrition to achieve wellness, health professionals still can not utilize this wisdom if it is not within the scope of their license in that state.  It gets interesting when one profession must use certain vocabulary such as “diagnose” and another profession may not use that same word. Cross state lines and it gets even more complicated when the same profession has different vocabulary rules. It is very important to us to be above reproach and also be able to teach, educate, mentor and coach legally and effectively.

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