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Are there other techniques being taught that are similar to CRA?

October 4th, 2014 by admin

There are several techniques that utilize muscle testing as health indicators. For many of these techniques, the similarities stop there. Some individuals have attempted to copy the art and science of CRA and to promote it under a similar, though different, name. These people were all originally taught and mentored by Dr. Versendaal, and they know the value and effectiveness of CRA.

Over time, the differences between the copies and the original have become great. CRA focuses on the body as it functions as a whole: structures, nutritional chemistry and emotions. CRA also utilizes an in depth scoring system that determines the extent of an imbalance as well as the optimal management program so healing can occur. CRA never became stagnant. It continued to grow and develop in amazing ways because Dr. Versendaal had a heart that desired to help those who were sick, hurting, and without hope. This passion to help others is what drove Dr. Versendaal in his pursuit to continually challenge himself and others in the use, practice, and development of CRA. This passion to serve others continues in the community of all CRA professionals.

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