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Psoriasis ~ Getting to the Heart of the Matter

May 14th, 2018 by Amanda Erickson

“Your bladder is the only organ that empties your anger, your pity parties, your emotions, your hurts, your poisons and toxins; everything that shouldn’t be in your body your bladder gets rid of.  If your bladder doesn’t do this, it will be released by your skin.” Dr. Dick Versendaal

One of the main triggers for psoriasis is physical and emotional stress.  Dr. Dick Versendaal called psoriasis a “disease of anger” or an “emotional disease”.  This does not mean the person is angry.  Psoriasis is an indicator that the body is overwhelmed, hurt and angry.

Hurt, pain, stress, and trauma create a chemical response resulting in toxins that must be released from the body.  When the body becomes overwhelmed, the kidneys and bladder cannot handle all the toxic debris.  Like an overfilled garbage disposal, the toxins will not be able to be released but will back up into the body.  The skin becomes affected as the toxins are then being released through the skin.

In order for the skin to heal, toxins must be released.  Support the kidneys and bladder with a low protein diet; no beef, turkey, wheat, eggs and alcohol.  Each of these contains protein molecules that can overwhelm the kidneys and bladder.   This will result in more toxins needing to be released through the skin. Hydrate and nourish the body with healthy fruits and vegetables; stay away from processed foods that contain chemicals and preservatives, etc.

Hydrate and support the restoration of the skin with the following nutritional and essential oil protocols.

VerVita Products are formulated to get to the heart of the matter.

Cir-Q Tonic® nutritional formula “cools” the systems of the body and provides minerals and nutrients to heal and assist the kidneys, bladder and liver in releasing toxins.

Kalmz nutritional formula reduces pain, hurt, emotions, and inflammation.  The herbs denature, or renders harmless, the toxins stored in the body.  (Dr. Versendaal recommended 6 per day for one month to poultice the anger.)

Immune Harmony® essential oil supports the kidneys and bladder so they can release toxins.

RejuvAllure® Skin Cream nourishes and provides essential support for healing cracked, inflamed skin.

Suggestions for Essential Oil Use:

Topically:  Massage several drops of Immune Harmony into the belly button and lower abdomen.

Footbath: Add 10 drops or more of the essential oil to warm water and soak for 30 minutes.

Bath: Add 30 drops or more to warm water with Epsom Salt and soak for 30 minutes.

*You can safely combine VerVita Products essential oils.