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DVD set of 10: CRA seminar in Tampa, FL 2012 (Head Tip Sequence)

Contact Reflex Analysis – Dr. Dick Versendaal, the founder and developer of CRA, was a master chiropractor and absolute genius of the synergy between the spine, body systems, and nutritional chemistry. This dvd set of 10 is of a seminar professionally taped in Tampa, FL in 2012. As with each of the CRA seminars, on this DVD Dr. Versendaal teaches health professionals to analyze and correct the root cause of health issues: traumas, auto-suggestion/emotions, nutritional and/or structural (VSC). At this seminar Dr. Versendaal taught a simple CRA sequence that beginners love and veteran CRA practitioners can easily implement into their current CRA toolbox. Several “windows of testing” the body are taught: Head-Tip Sequence, Urgent Wellness Sequence, Heart/Bladder Test and more.

For nutritional support a large nutritional inventory is not necessary as Dr. Versendaal teaches how to bring the body back into balance using 10 nutritional products and 6 essential oils from This is cost effective for both the health professional and patients.

As part of the educational process at the seminar, people with various symptoms and syndromes were analyzed using CRA. Some of these include weight loss, insomnia, exhaustion, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, joint issues, allergies, headaches, poor memory, arthritis, auto immune issues and more.