“God has gifted us with so many chemistries made by our spleen, liver, kidneys, and by the glands in our stomach and small intestine to help our body denature toxins from our thoughts, air, food and water.  If these toxins are in excess of what we can handle, we get damaged. We get poisoned.” –Dr. Dick Versendaal


fruitPeople often ask, “How did I get into this mess?” The answer is stress. Sustained and unreleased stress can cause dis-ease of the body’s structures, emotions, mind, chemistry etc. Toxins are an unhealthy stress and are a component of dis-ease. One area of sustained stress is our food. In the US we have food in abundance, but the most readily available and least expensive foods are highly processed, some with hormones and additives of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavor enhancers. These junk foods create an addiction. As the body becomes more and more nutritionally deficient and imbalanced, it starts to crave food of any kind just to give it energy. It’s an addiction where the body scrambles to find something to make it feel or function better. Junk food is often the easy fix, and the cycle repeats with increasing frequency as the body tires and begins to wear out physically and emotionally due to a lack of necessary nutrition chemistry.

In addition to poor food choices, our environment is also inundated with pesticides, chemicals, and EMFs from cell phones and computers. Daily stress uses up the nutritional reserves that are needed to function and promote healing. A healthy diet of high quality, natural and organic foods is the optimal choice to replenish these reserves. For many, however, the cost, time and effort to do this create even more stress. Nutritional supplementation is often necessary to support the body so it can heal itself.

How to decide what nutrition is needed can be overwhelming. One can easily collect cupboards full of different products, each one for a specific organ, symptom or syndrome. Since the body works together as a whole, Dr. Dick Versendaal used his experience and genius to simplify this complex issue. He worked with a biochemist and an aroma therapist to formulate high quality and professional grade products—10 nutritional formulas and 6 essential oils that support the systems and backup systems of the body instead of individual organs, glands and structures. These are available through VerVita Products, the company that follows the philosophy, wisdom and genius of Dr. Versendaal.

Learn from Dr. Dick Versendaal as he talks about how our organs filter and denature toxins.