Membership Q&A

Common questions and answers about CRA Wellness Membership

In today’s world helping people across the various disciplines and across the many state lines has the potential for legal issues. Every discipline varies in technique and method as well as allowable vocabulary. Particular words are owned by certain professions. Even within the same discipline things can change legally when you cross state lines. What is allowed in one state may not be allowed in another. What is allowed in one profession may not be allowed in others. When addressing lay people it becomes even more complicated. Our research found educating and coaching within a private member association was the best possible way to legally share Dr. Versendaal’s wisdom, philosophy and experience on how the body works together as a whole.
A Private Member Association is created and setup under Constitutional Law. It utilizes the rights given to us through the U.S. Constitution (1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments) as well as Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  1. Within the Association, members have a right to privacy in their personal affairs that causes no harm to others. All communications between members remains confidential.
  2. Members have a freedom of choice. They choose to take full responsibility for how they wish to manage their own health and wellness. It is also the right to self-determination.
  3. Members have a freedom of speech. Within the Association, Members can freely and legally express their thoughts, opinions and desires.
  4. Members have the right to peacefully assemble. Members also have the right to liberty, freedom and due process.
Because it is set up under Constitutional law, any potential legal issue within a private member association will be heard in Federal Court, not the state court. This is a benefit because the Federal Court deals with our constitutional rights. Outcomes are determined in view of how the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted in similar matters over the past decades. Private member associations are outside of the scope of state law and state board rulings. In the matter of wellness education, coaching and mentoring we choose to have the federal government determine our rights instead of a state board.
All education and coaching will take place within this Association. Through education and coaching our members, both lay persons and professional, are enabled and empowered to take responsibility and make their own decisions regarding the health and wellness of their body.
This website is dedicated to providing education through online classes, podcasts and webinars.
Anyone can be a member. We are a community of health professionals and lay people who desire to make decisions regarding the health and wellness of their body.
Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership training subscription of Member-Silver at any time, though we'd be very sad to see you leave.  You can cancel through your personal member portal.  There are no partial month refunds. We do want you to know that even though you cancel your monthly subscription, once you are a member you are always a member.  The first $5 you paid for monthly training access was applied to a lifetime membership.   You are part of our community, and we care about you.  With this lifetime membership you can always contact us, and we are legally protected in our conversations.