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Dr. Dick Versendaal devoted his life to serving others by offering hope and solutions for wellness. He was a genius at understanding how the body works together as a whole—structurally, nutritionally and emotionally. These previews provide a glimpse into the heart, wisdom and philosophy of Dr. Versendaal. Become a Member if you desire to learn more.

A Wellness Artist

I’m an artist with my hands. I’m an artist with my mind, with the philosophy and the science I learned at Palmer, the insight I received through practicing CRA and from the God’s gifts.

Alzheimer’s Dementia & Memory Issues - Preview

Once the heart gets (energetically) weak on the right side, the brain has to work harder day and night, especially at night, to regenerate the right side of the heart.

Community: That's My Story

It's important to pass the baton that we receive. At the end of your life it's wonderful if you can say it was a good life, and I honored through difficult times and hard times, and somehow God was with me.

Kidney Failure - Preview

The kidneys get overwhelmed by toxins and cumulative proteins.

ReGenerZyme Adrenal - Preview

The adrenal glands are called the "Mother of All Hormones". Support the adrenals to maintain youth, strength, athletic ability, and libido.

The Heart and Its Backup Systems

The uterus, prostate, thyroid and adrenals will work overtime and even sacrifice to support an energetically "tired" heart.

The Heart is the Queen Bee

The heart is the first organ to develop in the womb, and the brain develops next and works as one of the main backup systems to the heart.

The Wellness Triad

Thoughts, nutrition and structures need to be healthy and in balance for wellness to be achieved.

Why Are You So Passionate?

Every night I go to bed thanking God for the day, praising him for the results, and I ask him to bring me new people and help me produce new miracles for them every day.

Why Did You Create VerVita Nutrition & Essential Oils?

I want to make it be able to get the body back into balance and function with optimal synergy and help the body live a long and healthy life.