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October 29th, 2018 by Amanda Erickson

Sugar (glucose) in the blood is used as fuel for the brain, muscles and most other cells of the body. Constant stress – physical and emotional – and/or poor diet and lack of exercise can create a situation where the brain, heart and cells of the body need more fuel.

When assisting those with diabetes, Dr. Dick Versendaal said to focus on balancing the heart. The heart requires a constant source of energy; it is referred to as the Queen Bee. This means all other organs will work overtime and may even sacrifice their needs to serve the heart. This creates a domino effect of imbalanced energy and exhaustion. Organs get “tired” serving a heart that is stressed, tired or even broken.

In Type 1 diabetes, the heart is energetically exhausted and the body’s immune system goes into overdrive to stimulate energy to support the heart. This immune reaction is an emergency support, but it can also injure the pancreas so it cannot release insulin. Insulin assists in delivering sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream to the cells for energy. If there is no insulin, there is no energy delivery. The cycle returns to the heart; with no energy delivery it remains exhausted.

In Type 2 diabetes, the heart is energetically exhausted. This is often due to physical or emotional stress. The pancreas works hard providing insulin so the heart can receive its fuel. The heart, however, is so tired that it does not even recognize that rescue is at the door and will not let it in. The pancreas continues to work overtime trying to support the heart and other cells of the body.

In both cases. blood sugar is available, but not used as fuel. It accumulates int he blood, which causes significant damage to the body. Lifestyle changes recommended for those with diabetes also support a healthy heart. Eat healthy, non-processed food. Stay active physically and mentally. Stay away from smoking and alcohol.

* Ask about Optimizer SRT technology to assist the heart and pancreas in energy balance.

VerVita Products are formulated to get to the heart of the matter.
ReGenerZyme® Heart is a nutritional formula that nourishes the heart – the body’s hardest working muscle. Support the heart so the backup systems of the body such as the immune system and pancreas can return to a balanced, healthy function.

Matrix Synergy® is a nutritional formula that hydrates and assists in the restoration of the nerves that have been affected by diabetes. This includes the nerves that feed the heart.

InspiraCell® is a nutritional formula that provides the body with amino acids used to support the heart, the immune system and enhance the body’s ability to receive fuel into the cells.

Gastro-Digest II® is a nutritional formula to be taken with meals to support a healthy digestivew process including the stomach, pancreas and liver.

Black Cumin essential oil supports the health of the heart, blood and digestive system.