“At the end of your life it’s wonderful if you can write a chapter that says it was a good life, and I honored through difficult times and hard times and somehow God was with me.  He blessed me and helped me and he showed me ways to help people and bless people. That’s my story.”                                                                           ~Dr. Dick Versendaal  [March 18, 1937 – February 27, 2014]




As of February 27, 2014 a new chapter began.  It is a chapter that opens with a community of people who loved Dr. Dick Versendaal, my father and the founder and developer of Contact Reflex Analysis.  This community consists of families and individuals, the very young to the young at heart, the healed and the broken.  It is a diverse community of people who Dr. Versendaal loved with his whole heart and blessed unconditionally.

Dr. Versendaal talked about the importance of passing the baton on to others.  “We are pieces and parts of many generations of smart people.”  Many have been blessed through pieces and parts of Dr. Versendaal’s love and wisdom and training.  It is my dream to grow this community so these can be passed on to others through education, coaching and mentoring.  This new chapter is about how we work together to carry on as a community serving and loving others, bringing hope and healing into a world that often experiences so little of these gifts.

Listen to Dr. Dick Versendaal summarize his life’s story.