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Boost Your Immune System to Fight the Flu Naturally

February 13th, 2018 by Amanda Erickson

Have the flu or looking to avoid catching the unwelcome virus? Essential oils should be your one-stop-shop solution! Bacteria and viruses are constantly adapting and evolving. Flu vaccines don’t always build an immune response to the correct strain; and even when they do, you need to support your body for better effectiveness.

Why You Should be Wary of the Flu Vaccine
Around the beginning of flu season, many people get a flu shot in hopes of skipping out on the awful muscle aches, fever, cough, sniffles, and other ailments. According to the CDC, if you get the shot, rather than the nasal spray, you are being injected with an inactivated form of previous flu viruses that research expects should be prominent in the upcoming virus. This is done in hopes of giving your body around two weeks to build up its natural immunities so that when you are exposed to the virus, your body should be able to fight it off.

Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, Healthline writes that there’s a lot of other stuff being injected into your body that isn’t so natural, like preservatives, stabilizers, antibiotics, Polysorbate 80, and formaldehyde. The majority of these ingredients are low in dosage and used to prevent bacteria from getting to the sample, but they are chemicals.

Throughout the year, researchers are determining which strain of the virus is showing up and how well the vaccine is assisting against it. They use this data to develop next year’s vaccine; but they often get it wrong, because the virus is a quick-change artist, changing all the time. We never deal with the exact same virus twice. This year has been particularly bad. The CDC acknowledges that viruses genetically change and have many subtypes which vaccines don’t always protect against. USA Today states, “[This] strain of flu is only somewhat covered by the vaccine that was given this year…[The CDC is] seeing that it’s anywhere from 10% to 33% effective.”

With these statistics, it is important for people on both sides of the vaccine debate to support their immune system naturally.

How to Support Your Body Naturally
The whole point of the influenza vaccine is to force the body to build up its immunity before being exposed to the new virus. There are many other alternatives that build up and support a strong immune system without the chemicals and side effects; they support your body naturally.

Support a healthy immune system with these things you should be doing every day rather than only during the flu season:

1. Get plenty of sleep
Have you ever noticed that you tend to get sick more often when you’re tired or stressed out? Sleep deprivation lowers your immune response. Get enough sleep to provide your cells and tissues the opportunity to repair themselves from the wear and tear of your day-to-day life. This will better protect you from incoming attacks on your health.

*Can’t sleep?
Try diffusing Heart Harmony® essential oil. This blend is utilized to release heart stress and anxiety; it also contains lavender oil, which is highly recognized as a relaxant.

2. Drink water
Water helps to carry oxygen to your body cells, which results in properly functioning systems. It also works to remove toxins from the body. Drinking more water could help prevent toxins from building up, which causes a negative impact on your immune system

*Bonus: Add lemon
This, according to Dr. Versendaal, makes the water a “food” by providing vitamins and minerals. Minerals are like magnets drawing water into the cells as they generate electricity.

3. Eat healthy
Eating a healthy balanced diet is the best long-term help you can give your immune system. You should avoid processed foods filled with dyes, preservatives, and chemicals. The more man-made the food is, the less healthy it is for your body. Try more natural foods, such as fruit, vegetables, oils, etc. Healthy foods contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to stay strong. Just make sure you do your own research on what you can and cannot eat.

*Consider Immune Rmor® to assist in boosting the immune system with vitamins and minerals.

4. Take time for yourself
We live in a world where work is our priority rather than self-care. This builds a level of stress, which weakens the immune system. Take time each day to love on yourself. Try yoga, a warm bath, or go get a massage. Remove the stress from your body to keep strong for the next day.

5. Use essential oils
Did you know that viruses and bacteria have no resistance to essential oils? This means something like the flu virus can not fight back against the immune support within essential oils. These oils can attack the virus that have invaded your cells, unlike an antibiotic, and help build your body up at the same time. Oils such as tea tree, thyme, lavender, and cinnamon bark can be beneficial to your overall health.

*Try Immune Harmony®
This oil blend maximizes the effectiveness of the body’s immune filtering systems.

Whichever route you choose to go to defend yourself against the flu, support your body.

  • Getting the vaccine and then eating fast food and overworking yourself isn’t support.
  • Diffusing an essential oil and then “hydrating” with coffee due to lack of sleep isn’t support.
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep and then skipping meals and not hydrating isn’t support.
  • Using hand sanitizer often and then drinking diet soda and sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t support.

Do your research and determine the best route for your body on how to best keep it strong so that it can do what it was created to do. Support your body and it’ll support you.